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Tech Behind Nano Water Soluble HEMP

Jun 27, 2022

Tech Behind Nano Water Soluble HEMP

Science-Rite:  Technology Behind Nano-Water-Soluble HEMP Products

Nanotechnology is no longer a dream - it’s a modern technology that is now shaping the HEMP industry after decades in use in other fields.

Learn how we use cutting-edge Nano-Emulsification to formulate Science-Rite HEMP. You’ll also discover why this technology helps us make the safest, most effective HEMP products for sale.

Important Terms

Here are a few terms you might want to know before we dive into the difference between Nano HEMP and regular HEMP;

  • Absorb: to take in or integrate into the body
  • Bioavailability: the degree or ability of a substance to be absorbed in the body for use
  • Cannabidiol: a molecule found in the Cannabis sativa plant
  • Emulsification: the process of mixing two liquids that cannot be fully blended (for example, oil and water), which makes Water-Soluble HEMP possible
  • Nanometer: 1 billionth of a meter
  • Solubility: a substance’s ability to be dissolved in a liquid
  • Water-Soluble: a mixture of HEMP oil and water through the process of emulsification

Regular HEMP vs. Water-Soluble HEMP: What’s the Difference?

Water-Soluble HEMP differs from regular HEMP because of the process used to make it consumable for humans. Here’s how:

Regular HEMP

To make regular HEMP products, the HEMP is extracted from the aerial parts, including the flowers and leaves, of the hemp plant. That material is then refined and combined with a carrier oil like coconut-derived MCT oil, which is bottled and sold to consumers.

The HEMP molecules in these regular products are around 4,440 nanometers. However, HEMP molecules of that size are difficult for the human body to absorb, especially because they are fat-soluble, meaning they absorb better in fats. Since the human body is up to 60% water, that makes it nearly impossible to successfully absorb large, fat-soluble molecules, even with the highest quality regular product. In most cases, the first-pass effect directs the HEMP molecules through the liver and other metabolically active tissues so that your body absorbs only about 6%-10%, wasting up to 94% of the HEMP.

Nano-Emulsified (Water-Soluble) HEMP

The process for making Nano-Emulsified or Water-Soluble HEMP begins in the same way as regular HEMP, with the extraction of the HEMP from the plant. However, after extraction, the HEMP is combined with water and an emulsifier and placed in a machine that uses high-intensity ultrasound waves. Those waves encapsulate each HEMP particle within the emulsifier, making them water-soluble.

This technique splits the HEMP molecule into hundreds of nanoparticles - 100 times smaller than regularly processed HEMP molecules. They end up at around 40 nanometers but can be as small as 16 nanometers. Because Nano-Emulsified HEMP particles are so much smaller and water-soluble, their bioavailability is dramatically increased since they are directly absorbed into the lymphatic system, thus bypassing the first-pass effect.

The Advantages of Nano-Emulsified HEMP

Nanotechnology is used in the pharmaceutical industry and other vital fields because of its effects on the size and water solubility of molecules. In the case of HEMP products, it will:

  • Enhance the bioavailability for more effective results
  • Speed the absorption time
  • Waste less HEMP

Enhancing Bioavailability for More Effective Results

The most impressive benefit of the Nano-Emulsification process is that it improves the absorption ability of the product to offer more effective results. Your body is better able to absorb the HEMP so you can realize all of its beneficial effects.

Faster Absorption for Faster Effects

With better bioavailability, Nano-Emulsified HEMP is also absorbed by the body faster. Rather than waiting for the potential beneficial effects to start, you may feel faster results with Water-Soluble HEMP because the molecules can enter the lymphatic system directly.

Less Wasted Product for Less Wasted Money

It’s a waste to buy products you only get to use 6%-10% of. With standard HEMP products, so much HEMP is lost, unable to be absorbed, that it’s a huge waste of money. Nano HEMP like Science-Rite HEMP™ products are better for your wallet.

Discover Nano HEMP

With a better understanding of the benefits of Nano-Emulsified technology and why Water-Soluble NANO HEMP is the most efficient option, you can find a HEMP product that works for you. We offer a full line of Platinum-Series, Broad-Spectrum, THC-Free Water-Soluble HEMP products, all made with thoughtful ingredients and advanced technology. Experience the power of plant-based ingredients and science-backed technology at Science-Rite.


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