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HEMP Oil Topical Benefits for Post-Workout Recovery

10th Aug 2022

HEMP Oil Topical Benefits for Post-Workout Recovery

Staying active is more than just getting to the gym or on the road - even if that can sometimes be the hardest part. Post-workout soreness or discomfort is common, and it can prevent you from heading out on your next workout.

A natural plant-based resource, HEMP oil products are used for a variety of reasons, including their potential ability to soothe discomfort. How does HEMP pain cream work, and how can you know you’re choosing the right HEMP product? Read on to learn everything you need to know about HEMP topicals for exercise.

HEMP Oil Topicals: Potential Benefits

Some studies on the effectiveness of HEMP on physical activity have found that HEMP may:

With this research on the potential effects of HEMP, you might be wondering whether a HEMP topical will work for you.

HEMP Products for Exercise

There are thousands of products on the market designed to reduce post-workout discomfort or otherwise improve your exercise experience. If you’re an athlete or workout fanatic, you’ve probably tried more of those products than you can count! The truth is, not all workout products are the same - and not all HEMP is the same either. Every person needs something different for their exercise life.

At Science-Rite, we’ve devoted ourselves to developing HEMP products made using innovative technology to improve the power of this natural compound. With HEMP formulas made using Nanotechnology and high-quality, organic ingredients, our HEMP offers enhanced efficiency and bioavailability. Check out some of our favorite Science-Rite HEMP™ products for post-workout recovery.

Nano HEMP Relief & Recovery Muscle Rub with Menthol

When you combine HEMP with other plant-based ingredients like Menthol, you get a power-packed formula designed to penetrate deep into your sore muscles. Our Nano HEMP Muscle Rub contains Menthol, Arnica, Cocoa Butter, and Nano-Amplified HEMP in 3 unique strengths: (1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg). Apply it directly to sore, tight, or overworked muscles for soothing relief.

Nano HEMP Rapid Relief Roll-On

Use our HEMP Roll-On for a mess-free, stress-free addition to your self-care routine. With the warming relaxation of Camphor Oil, the deep-penetrating relief of Arnica, and the cooling comfort of Menthol, this convenient formula is a simple self-care tool to use after any workout. Find 3 efficient strengths of Water-Soluble HEMP (1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg), all offering 9 times faster absorption than regular HEMP.

Nano CBD Pain Cream

Feel relief with the cooling, pain-blocking power of Menthol and relaxing Camphor Oil in a 500mg, 1000mg, or 5000mg Water-Soluble HEMP strength. An organic, Aloe-based formulation leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated without any greasy or oily residue, making it the perfect daily addition for all activity levels and exercise routines.

Add HEMP Topicals to Your Exercise Routine

Ready to discover what HEMP topicals can do for you? Learn more about the power of Nano HEMP over at our blog, and find our curated product list of organic, Broad-Spectrum HEMP topicals at Science-Rite HEMP™.


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