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The Guide to Water-Soluble HEMP - What is NANO HEMP Oil?

Feb 03, 2024

The Guide to Water-Soluble HEMP - What is NANO HEMP Oil?

Science-Rite:  The Guide to Water-Soluble HEMP - What’s the Truth Behind NANO HEMP

Misinformation about Water-Soluble HEMP and other NANO HEMP products prevents many people from exploring the benefits of these HEMP products. At Science-Rite, we care about education and transparency, not just about the potential benefits of Water-Soluble HEMP, but about the safety and efficacy of the Nano-Emulsification process. We want everyone to feel comfortable exploring these products. This guide will walk you through the science behind Water-Soluble HEMP, its advantages over regular HEMP Oil, and where to buy the best HEMP products made with this technology.

What Is HEMP?

HEMP products come from Cannabis sativa, a plant that has been cultivated in cultures throughout history for its thousands of uses. HEMP itself works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory network found in every human body that manages the homeostasis, or balance, of many bodily functions. Many people find that HEMP balances the body to improve relaxation to aid in regulating a healthy sleep cycle, soothe discomfort, and more. HEMP comes in different product formulations, from HEMP tinctures and oils to capsules, gummies, topicals, skin care, and more.

The Pitfalls of Regular HEMP Oil

HEMP is fat-soluble, meaning it’s most effective when it’s ingested with fatty substances. Because of its fat-solubility, most HEMP products are made with HEMP extracted from the plant and mixed with a carrier oil, which helps the HEMP absorb. Carrier oils like olive oil and coconut-derived MCT oil are fat-soluble, giving HEMP a slightly better chance at absorption within the human body.

Normally, HEMP molecules are around 4,440 nanometers in size. That substantial size is too large for the body to absorb, given that it is also fat-soluble and the human body is made of up to 60% water. When regular HEMP is ingested, the body takes in as much as it can, but even with the highest quality products, it can only absorb 6-10% of the HEMP at most. With that, up to 94% of the regular HEMP product is wasted, losing you time, energy, and potential benefits.

What is Water-Soluble HEMP?

The process for making Water-Soluble HEMP is much different than that of regular HEMP. After extraction, the Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil is combined with an emulsifier and placed in a machine. At Science-Rite, our Nano-Emulsification processuses this state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment to shear the HEMP molecules into tiny nanoparticles, fractions of their original size.

After being treated by the high-intensity ultrasound equipment, the HEMP nanoparticles are between 16-40 nanometers - around 100 times smaller than regularly processed HEMP molecules. This Nano-Emulsification process also encapsulates each Nano HEMP molecule with the emulsifier, MCT Oil, a Medium-Chain Triglyceride studied to aid in delivering fat-soluble substances to the body. That encapsulation and decreased molecule size create the Water-Soluble HEMP product that is better able to absorb in the body.

The Benefits of Water-Soluble HEMP

Water-Soluble HEMP offers effortless absorption through the use of nano-sized particles. The Nano-Emulsification process makes Water-Soluble HEMP so much more effective because it allows it to be directly absorbed into the lymphatic system, rather than losing potency during the first-pass effect in the liver like regular HEMP.

Regular HEMP oil is only able to make it partially to the lymphatic system. The first-pass effect leaves a minimal 6%-10% of regular HEMP oil remaining to reach the lymphatic system. Alternatively, 85%-95% of Water-Soluble HEMP can make it to the lymphatic system for more efficient distribution throughout the body. Offering up to 9x the bioavailability of regular HEMP Oil due to the encapsulation and decreased size of the molecules, Water-Soluble HEMP is simply more effective.

Is Water-Soluble HEMP Safe?

Water-Soluble HEMP is just as safe as any other HEMP product. The only added ingredients in the product are the emulsifier and water. As with other HEMP products, it’s essential to find products that offer reputable lab testing.

At Science-Rite, every ingredient used in the Nano-Emulsification process is tested and trusted. We ensure the same reputable lab testing and natural ingredients in all of our HEMP products to guarantee safety and quality. Check out our lab test results and blogs to learn more about the origins of our ingredients and our dedication to full-body health.

The Best Water-Soluble HEMP Found Online

Whether you’re familiar with the Nano-Emulsification process or are newly interested in the benefits of Water-Soluble HEMP, Science-Rite HEMP™ has the information - and the products - you need. Explore the advantages of our Platinum-Series, Water-Soluble, Broad-Spectrum HEMP Oil products, each made with cutting-edge technology and natural, organic ingredients. We’re excited to guide you on finding the perfect product for your lifestyle.


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